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Tobi Lee

Tobi Lee
Program Manager

Tobi has been interested in aircraft since she was a teenager, but knew that the lifestyle of a pilot was not for her. She graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and started working at the beginning of the Dash8-400 program as a Methods Analyst 26 years ago. Tobi also spent some time in Liaison Engineering and Structural Design for the Global Express and in the Dash 8-400 Interiors Design team before taking the leap 10+ years ago to join the Dash 8 Program Management Office.

The most challenging part of Tobi’s role as a Program Manager is getting people who have very different roles and priorities in the organization to come together, develop a plan and solve a problem together. De Havilland Canada is a very diverse organization and she is constantly learning how the teams’ combined knowledge and experience fit into the bigger picture.

“I love that I can walk past aircraft and smell the jet fuel on my way into the office. I don’t think many people get to do that,” Tobi says. She finds it amazing to see all the bits and pieces of aluminum, wires and composites come together as completed aircraft and watch them fly off to their new homes. However, the heart and soul of De Havilland Canada, she feels, are the people. She has made many friends over the years that are like family -- celebrating each other’s achievements, supporting each other through tough times and working many long hours together to support the business.

A naturally quiet person, Tobi used to prefer working in the background. However, she has come to realize the quiet people in this world have a lot to contribute and should get out of their comfort zone more often, and share their ideas, knowledge and viewpoints. “You don’t have to be the loudest one in the room to be an important part of a team,” she comments.

One thing many people don’t know about Tobi is that through the Royal Canadian Air Cadets, she earned her glider pilot license and private pilot license. She later became an officer and was a gliding instructor during her time in university.

When not at work, Tobi loves to cook -- pierogi, fancy cakes, dumplings, paella and the list goes on. She also loves to preserve food -- making different types of pickles, salsa, jam etc. that are often left on friends’ desks at Christmas time. Cooking allows her to disconnect from daily stresses, be creative and share her creations with family and friends.

Tobi Lee

Marian Rajesh
Senior Analyst, Configuration Mgt

Marian grew up in Dubai where her love of aircraft was fueled by attending the biennial Dubai Airshow. She went on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering, launching her on an aerospace career of 18 years and counting. Marian later became a Professional Engineer (P.Eng). After graduating as one of only two women in a class of 30, Marian began her career in India, before moving to London, back to Dubai and finally to Canada.

She started out performing wind tunnel testing on fighter jet models, then worked at various MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) facilities in quality and maintenance scheduling, and as a Technical Specialist for end-of-lease deliveries. Marian also spent several years participating in techno-commercial contractual negotiations for a major airline in Dubai, assisting with the introduction of the A380 aircraft into their fleet. Having worked on different aircraft types in varied roles with lessors, MROs and operators, Marian’s well-rounded knowledge of the life of an aircraft through an operator’s eyes made her an excellent candidate for her current role at De Havilland Canada. Her duties include 24/7 technical support to operators and our internal teams, analyzing engineering designs and recommending spares configurations.

Marian loves the people and the culture at De Havilland Canada, and especially enjoyed learning that several generations from a number of different families have worked at De Havilland Canada over the years.

Marian is a “cricket mom” in summer, and enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures, sketching and hand embroidery in her free time.

Her wish is that more women spread their wings by envisaging a career in aviation.