Posted on June 19, 2019

De Havilland Canada Announces Expliseat’s Ultra-light Seats as an Optional Feature for the Dash 8-400 Aircraft

De Havilland Canada to be exclusive supplier for Expliseat’s seating solutions for in-production Dash 8-400 aircraft or as retrofits

Paris, June 19, 2019 -- Today, during the 53rd International Paris Air Show, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (De Havilland Canada) announced Expliseat’s ultra-light seats as an optional feature for Dash 8-400 aircraft. De Havilland Canada will be Expliseat’s exclusive supplier for the seats and they will be available on the production line, or as a retrofit solution. Expliseat produces the world’s lightest aircraft seat, offering customers optimal transport efficiency and potential cost-saving benefits with its new, advanced technology.

The unique architecture of Expliseat’s TiSeat E2 and the use of advanced materials such as titanium and carbon fiber contribute to a low weight of only 6.5 kg per passenger. It is the lightest seat certified for installation on the Dash 8-400 aircraft.

SpiceJet Limited received the first Dash 8-400 aircraft with a TiSeat E2 installation in December of 2018. Recognizing the value of this advanced product, De Havilland Canada has chosen to make this seat an optional feature for all customers.

"Expliseat’s TiSeatE2 has been a wonderful addition to our Dash 8-400 aircraft and has been jointly developed by SpiceJet, De Havilland and Expliseat,” said Ajay Singh, Chairman and Managing Director, SpiceJet. “We look forward to experiencing all of the benefits of the ultra-light seat and are delighted with the response we have received from our customers.”

“Expliseat’s ultra-light seats offer between 300 and 1000 lbs weight savings depending on the configuration and up to 1% in fuel savings,” said Todd Young, Chief Operating Officer, De Havilland Canada. “The cost-saving and comfortable option is a great feature for our customers and we are thrilled to make this seat option available on our Dash 8-400 aircraft.”

“We are delighted to have met De Havilland Canada’s requirements and look forward to our ultra-light seats being installed on the production line, and also through retrofits,” said Benjamin Saada, Chief Executive Officer, Expliseat. “We encourage Dash 8-400 aircraft customers to take advantage of the potential for additional payload revenue at same take-off weight by selecting the TiSeat E2 offered through our exclusive supplier, De Havilland Canada.”

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About De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited

Longview Aviation Capital is proud to reintroduce De Havilland Canada, one of Canada’s most iconic aircraft brands, with its acquisition of the Dash 8 program—including the 100, 200 and 300 series as well as the in-production 400 program.

Combining the Dash 8-400 aircraft with the existing Longview portfolio re-unites the entire De Havilland product line under the same banner for the first time in decades.

De Havilland first started in Canada in 1928 and with the design and production of the famous DHC-2 Beaver and the DHC-3 Otter, quickly established itself as one of the most accomplished aircraft designers and manufacturers in the world. The 75 year-old brand is synonymous globally with expertise, excellence and reliability, and is responsible for building some of the most renowned aircraft in aviation history.

Operating independently for the first time in decades, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited will enhance the tradition of excellence surrounding the Dash 8-400 by continually evolving to meet the needs of customers around the world. At De Havilland we are proudly rooted in a rich history of constructing Canadian aircraft.

In addition to maintaining the Dash 8-400’s position as one of the world’s most important commercial aircraft, existing and potential customers of De Havilland can expect a focus on continued excellence in production, operations and servicing from Longview.

About Longview Aviation Capital Corp.

Longview Aviation Capital Corp. (LAC) was established in 2016 to manage a portfolio of long-term investments in the Canadian aerospace industry. In addition to De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Ltd., at present LAC includes and/or is associated with the assets of Viking Air Ltd., Pacific Sky Aviation Ltd, Longview Aviation Asset Management Inc. and Longview Aviation Services. 3 Through Pacific Sky, Longview also operates the world’s only certified Category “D” Full-Flight Simulator for the Series 400 Twin Otter, complete with seaplane simulation capabilities. Longview has a workforce of approximately 1,800 full-time employees in manufacturing and aircraft service support in locations across Canada, including Victoria, Calgary and Toronto.

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