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Dash 8 aircraft operate globally, providing essential regional air services to more than 45 million passengers annually. They operate in some of the world's harshest climates and at many challenging airports, providing vital connections between rural communities and urban centres. Our Dash 8 aircraft also support a wide variety of special mission operations including aerial firefighting, search and rescue, medical evacuation, reconnaissance and coastal surveillance.

By leveraging a network of strategically located resources and our Mobile Repair Team, we’re able to offer on-call Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) expertise to optimize the performance of Dash 8 aircraft. From entry into service and throughout their life cycles, our Dash 8 Series aircraft benefit from specialized support and services that increase their efficiency and reduce associated maintenance costs.

Our support covers all Dash 8 Series aircraft structures and systems, delivering exceptional value to our operators while enhancing the experience of travelers worldwide.

At De Havilland Canada, there’s no place for compromise when it comes to customer service.
  • OEM expertise
  • 24/7/365 worldwide support
  • In-service engineering and technical support
  • Maintenance programs and procedures
  • Maintenance data analysis and aircraft economics
  • Technical Publications
  • Fast, reliable and cost-effective delivery of aircraft parts
  • Extensive inventory with over 60,000 components
Our Customers can feel comfortable spreading their wings knowing our support has worldwide reach.
  • Worldwide support representatives
  • Technical and operational guidance
  • Entry-into-service (EIS) support
  • Start-up team services
  • 8 Authorized Service Facilities
  • Mobile Repair Team (MRT)
  • Multiple training locations
  • 17 flight simulators
  • Global parts distribution network
Our relationship with our customers is built on trust and extends well beyond the point of purchase.
  • Online parts pricing, availability, and ordering
  • Comprehensive cost-by-hour program through the De Havilland Component Solutions (DCS) Program
  • Recommended Spare Parts Lists providing custom-made solutions
  • Lease, rental and consignment options
  • Advanced exchange solutions through the Part Exchange Program (PEP)
  • Supplier Management and Warranty
  • Customized retrofit modification solutions



Customer Services & Support

24/7/365 Technical Help Desk:
North America (Toll Free): +1 844 272 2720
Local: +1 416 375 4080

Mobile Repair Team:

Material (Parts) Support & Orders:

Material (Parts) Returns:

De Havilland Component Solutions (DCS):


Services Solutions and Sales:
Services Solutions and Sales (Regional Managers)

Bruce Tiam-Fook
+1 437 291 3471

Europe, Middle East & Africa :
Johnny Graham
+44 7590 231 961

Europe (Including Russia):
David Llewellyn
+49 151 5822 5419

Asia Pacific:
Thomas Chan
+65 8299 8216